Scuba Gear

There are many items required for scuba diving. Some of the scuba gear you will need is scuba tanks, regulators, masks, fins, suits and gauges. These items will ensure that you will have a safe and fun scuba adventure.

A scuba tank is a necessary piece of scuba gear. These are also called scuba cylinders. A scuba tank holds air and allows you to breathe on your underwater adventure. Scuba tanks are made from steel and aluminum. Steel scuba tanks are more expensive, but are more durable and will last longer. They also require more care and cleaning to avoid rust. Aluminum tanks are less expensive, but are more easily worn and dented. If you choose to rent your scuba equipment, be aware that most dive shops only rent aluminum scuba tanks.

Another piece of necessary scuba gear is a scuba regulator. A scuba regulator makes the air in your scuba tank breathable by lowering the air pressure. Scuba regulators vary in how much the air pressure is affected, so it is a good idea to test many to find one that you like. Most divers prefer to use their own regulator, even when renting their other scuba equipment.

A scuba mask is another piece of scuba gear each diver needs. Scuba masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A good scuba mask will protect your eyes and fit your face comfortably. When shopping for a scuba mask, it is important to try on many to find the right fit.

Other necessary scuba gear is fins, suits and gauges. Scuba fins help you to move through the water with little effort. There are countless types of scuba fins, each with their own advantages, so it is important to find the right scuba fins for your needs. There are two types of scuba suits, wet and dry. Both help to keep your body warm in the water. Wet suits are inexpensive and easy to use. They come in a variety of thicknesses. Dry suits are better for cold water. They are more expensive, but the level of warmth is much higher.

A scuba gauge is another important piece of scuba gear. Scuba gauges tell you how much time you have been in the water, how much air you have used and how deep you are. They can also help you to know if your equipment is working properly. There are a wide variety of scuba gauges available from very basic to very advanced.

Sarah Freeland