Scuba Divers

A diver is a person who is a professional in scuba diving or surface supplied diving. Learning how to scuba dive depends on the person's passion for water and water sports. Scuba diving allows a diver to stay under water for a longer period than the average individual can. SCUBA is also known as Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The divers self-propels underwater by using fins that are attached to the feet. Other divers move around with the assistance of a Diver Propulsion Vehicle or DPV, which is generally referred to as a 'scooter.' The sport of scuba diving has gained importance and recognition in recent times. Many people indulge in water sports and are facinated by the experience that they consider the profession of scuba diving as a career.

Scuba diving is generally classified into many fields, and people sometimes turn in diving into full time careers. These classifications include recreational diving, public safety diving, technical or military diving. Recreational divers are those who are considered professional divers, since they possess specialized skills and training. There are numerous schools and professional institutions that offer courses for students who are interested in considering scuba diving as a profession. The faculty of these schools are experienced and have extensive knowledge about scuba diving. These schools offer jobs at the end of the course that vary from trainer to diver and many other posts. Certificates are handed out at the end of each course. If the trained scuba diver wishes to work in a particular company, they can apply. Many schools that train students in scuba diving offer certifications that are internationally recognized and do not have an expiry date. There are various dive companies who look for trained scuba divers and offer an extremely good salary. Websites also offer online scuba courses that prove to be extremely convenient for students. Scuba diving courses allow students to enhance their skill and talent. Information on courses relating to scuba diving can be found on the Internet or in the yellow pages.