Diving jobs

In order to have a job as a diver you must be classified as a professional diver. This means that extensive training is a requirement. There are a number of locations in the United States and the United Kingdom that offer many courses. A professional diver has many options when considering a career in the diving field. The most well known of the diving jobs is a commercial diving job.

Commercial diving in itself has many different branches. The most common branch of the commercial diving industry is the offshore diving industry. People employed in this industry usually work for gas and oil companies. This involves maintenance and building of offshore oil rigs. This is the type of job that a person who first starts out in the diving industry will begin with. The positions here are considered entry level positions.

Inland or onshore diving is very similar to offshore diving. However, instead of working for oil or gas companies, people in this industry will work for civil engineering companies. The diving that they will do will deal with underwater survey or engineering jobs. These divers can be found in harbours and lakes.

The most dangerous of all professional diving careers is the HAZMAT field of diving. Divers employed in this sector must undergo extensive training. Only people with a great deal of skill and experience will be employed as a HAZMAT diver. In order to become a HAZMAT diver you must meet several requirements. You must be able to recover an injured person. You must be vaccinated. There are a number of risks associated with this job, the main one being that divers will deal with dangerous chemicals on a regular basis.

Of all HAZMAT diving careers, sewer diving is considered to be the most dangerous. There are number of diseases in raw sewage and this is why divers must have their vaccinations up to date as they need to have themselves protected from these diseases. These divers are required to wear a full body suit at all times to protect their skin and body from the many disease present.